For Parents

Religious Instruction

On enrolment at your child’s Queensland state school, you will be asked to answer a compulsory question about your child’s religious affiliation.

It is important that your child’s school provide you with adequate information about the Religious Instruction (RI) program before you are asked to answer this question.


To do this, your child’s school may use a template provided by the Education Department entitled ‘Information to parents and consent form – Religious Instruction and Other Instruction’.  This form can be obtained from the Religious Instruction Policy Statement page of the Department of Education’s website.

The Department of Education and Training does not mandate a minimum amount of information about the Religious Instruction program that schools should provide parents when consenting to allow their child to participate in RI. It is therefore up to parents to educate themselves about the RI program.

It is important that parents understand that the Religious Instruction program

  • is delivered by religious volunteers, not qualified teachers
  • contains content which is not approved or endorsed by the Department of Education and Training
  • is not a program of education about religions.

Parents should ask their principal

  • the names of the churches delivering the Religious Instruction program at the school
  • the details of any ‘Co-operative Arrangements’ to deliver RI at the school
  • the names of the RI programs used  (Connect, Access Ministries, Godspace, etc)
  • to provide examples of lesson aims and outcomes for these programs
  • for details of the arrangements for ‘Other Instruction’ for students who are not participating in RI.

Parents can find the lesson aims and outcomes for Connect B1 (Revised 2018) for Semester 1, 2018 here.