About us

QPSSS is made up of dedicated volunteers working to achieve the following objectives:

1. inform Queensland parents about current policies and guidelines relating to religious lessons and activities in schools;

2. advocate for the removal of religious instruction delivered by volunteers to select groups of students;

3. advocate for the introduction of a curriculum based program in which multiple religions and non-religious world views are taught by qualified teachers to all students;

4. advocate for funds to be redirected from the National School Chaplaincy Program to the provision of more professionally trained secular school counsellors and guidance officers.

QPSSS is not anti-religion, anti-theist or anti-atheist and makes no comment on the validity or otherwise of faith positions in this forum. As such, we welcome all like-minded secularists who share our goals. We feel that our children are currently being done a disservice in that their education fails to reflect the reality of, or prepare them adequately for, the society in which they live and which they will inherit.

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