Fighting to be Heard

Earlier this year Queensland Parents for Secular State Schools featured in an article in Australian Rationalist magazine about grassroots organisations agitating to curtail religious instruction in Australian government schools.

Effecting political change is often seen as something beyond ordinary citizens, but local action can yield results.


Alison Courtice spoke on behalf of Queensland Parents for Secular State Schools, saying:

“We believe that state schools should be free of religion unless you are going to have religious education comparing religions as part of the formal curriculum taught by teachers – we see benefit in that.

You hear from everybody: teachers, principals, parents, that there is way too much happening in schools. There is pressure on the curriculum. It is absolutely a no-brainer to remove dividing children along religious lines for instruction in how to be a of a particular religion.

If religious instruction is what is important to parents it is available in family time. There are places of worship in every suburb. Parents can take their children to Sunday school.”

You can download the full article here.

Source: Australian Rationalist Magazine, June 2018






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