Religious Instruction – Consent Example for Schools

QPSSS has prepared an example of the completed ‘Information to parents and consent form- religious instruction and other instruction’, to assist parents and principals.

Our school is ‘Example State School’ and our principal ‘Joan Policy-Compliant’ is sending this form to all year 2 and 4 parents at her school as these are the year levels currently offered RI.

We prepared this example as we have seen a few attempts now by principals to use this new form with varying degrees of success. Hopefully our form will help them.

‘Example State School’ Religious and Other Instruction Consent Form

Does your school comply with the Department’s RI Policy?

Show it to your principal and ask them to use this new department process to update their religious instruction records to ensure that all parents make informed decisions. It’s not too much to ask, in fact it is necessary to ensure compliance with the Education Act and RI policy.

You can find the original template (under the heading: ‘Forms’) here:

Religious instruction policy statement



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